Configure the layout


To use BDD Extension Framework, you need to open the Integration Test Runner window for the Unity Test Tools: you can open it by choosing the submenu "Integration Test Runner" under "Unity Test Tools" menu. If nothing happens, it could be you have the window already open: please, search for a window called "Integration Tes", it could be docked as tab everywhere in your Unity layout.


If you have not any integration test already configured, you could open the scene "Creation of a GameObject Dynamic Scenarios.unity". You can find it in the folder "Assets/BDDExtensionForUnityTestTools/Examples/Scenes" under your project.



In the Integration Test Runner window, you can see the integration tests already configured for your scene. The buttons on the top of the window let you, in order, to "Run All" your integration tests, just "Run Selected" tests or "Create" a new integration test.

If you have many integration tests and you cannot locate the one you need, you can just write a word in the search field in the middle of the top window row.

If you want to filter the tests regarding their result, you can check or uncheck the green button for having or not having in the list the successful tests.

If you want to filter the failed tests, you can check or uncheck the red button.


Every test you have in the list of the integration test runner window is also present in the Hierarchy window as GameObject.



To manage an integration test, you have to work on the corresponding GameObject.


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