Unity Test Tools: base information

To use BDD Extension Framework you have first know some base information about the Unity Test Tools. In this section, we are going to explain just what you need to know about them for using BDD Extension Framework.

To make the explanation easier, please open the scene "Creation of a GameObject Static Scenarios.unity". You can find it under "Assets/BDDExtensionForUnityTestTools/Examples/Scenes".

In the scene, there are two buttons: "Create" and "Delete". We are not going now into what the scene has to do: what you need to know now is that the integration tests configured in this scene are made to test the various interactions among the objects in the scene.


If you have a look at the Integration Test Runner window, you can notice that there are four integration tests already configured. If you look into the Hierarchy window, you can see four GameObjects named as the same. Managing each of these objects you are going to take control to the corresponding integration test.


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