The inspector

Now you can select the GameObject named "01_Should_CreateTheObject_When_IPressTheCreateButton" and look at its inspector.



You can see the following components:

  • Test Component
  • BDD Extension Runner
  • Creation Of Game Object BDD Static First Scenario

The first component, called "Test Component", is the core of the Unity Test Tools Integration Tests. It is automatically added to the GameObject when you create it by pressing the button "Create" at the top of the Integration Test Runner window.

The second component, called "BDD Extension Runner" is the core if the BDD Extension Framework. If you want to use the features of the BDD Extension Framework, the first thing you have to do after creating the integration test is to add this component to it.

The third component, called "Creation Of Game Object BDD Static First Scenario", is an example of what usually you are going to create and develop during your BDD coding session. Don't be afraid: you have not to develop for inserting the image, it automatically appears when you set up the component.

What you need to know about the Test Component are the following properties:

  • Test Name: It is the name of the Integration test; any change of the name here is going to affect the name of the GameObject and the name of the integration test itself.
  • Included platforms: you could leave it with the value "Everything", but if you want to test a specific environment, just select the platform you want to test.
  • Timeout: It is the number of seconds that the component waits until giving an error of timeout if the test does not return a result. You are going to check and change this value more times during your coding session because if the value is too small, the test could not have time enough to finish its execution. However, if the value is too big and if your test is going into a loop, you could have to wait much time before getting the control of Unity again.
  • Ignore: you can check this flag if you are going to hit the "Run All" button but you want to run just the other tests but this one.
  • Succeed on assertions: It does not matter now to know how to use this flag. You have just to know that the BDD Extension Framework manages this flag automatically, so you can just leave it checked.

We are not using the other properties so that we can ignore them for now.


Regarding the other two components, we are going to explain soon how to use them; for now, just keep in mind they are components of the BDD Extension Framework.


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