BDD Extension Framework

We are going to have an overview of the BDD Extension Framework.

With the BDD Extension, you are going to develop your test using the Given-When-Then scenarios. If you are not used to the concepts of the Given-When-Then scenarios, you can read here a short explanation.

To create a new BDD Test, just choose from the menu: "Unity Test Tools" -> "BDD Extension Framework" -> "Create BDD Test": the test is going to appear in your Hierarchy window with the name "New Test". 

Every part of the BDD Scenario is identified by one or more methods inside a particular class: this class is called BDD Component. Every BDD Component can have many methods: the methods that are going to be executed for each part of the scenario, and the order of their execution, can be decided programmatically by code or dynamically via inspector. When a method is selected to be executed in a scenario is called Step Method.


If a Unity script is a BDD Component, on its inspector is present a particular logo, indicating the type of the BDD Component.


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