Getting started

Are you ready to learn how to use BDD Extension Framework? Let’s start with a simple example.


What tools do you need:

For having a look at the demo scenes you need Unity, of course, the standard Unity Test Tools and the BDD Extension Framework imported as assets in your project. After that, you need your favourite C# editor for viewing the code. For the setup of your project, please have a look at the Quick start section.


What do you have to know before:

The supported language is C#. The test classes are C# classes derived from MonoBehaviour. There is some use of the C# attributes for the classes, the methods and the properties. These attributes are very easy to use, you can just learn how to and when to use them from this guide, even if you do not fully understand the basics of the attributes in C#.


...Moreover, obviously, you have to know how to develop in Unity to be able to take control of your program and write your tests.


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